DDW 2022

22 -30 October
Kade CLubhuis

Visiting a Designers Playground

In Kade Clubhuis we play together! To get further, to mean something to others, to be able to keep playing now, but also in the future.

The Kade Clubhuis is a maker space with eight different design studios, young and old, beginning and more advanced. A place where we work on a better, more beautiful and more sustainable future for ourselves and for others. During the Dutch Design Week 2022 we present A Designers Playground. An interactive group exhibition where we provide insight into: where and how we play, but especially what the results are from playing.

The Kade Clubhuis members:
De Reuringdienst
Studio Sociaal Centraal
Studio Marleen van Bergeijk
Dion Visser
tienvier studio
Nojoke Studio
Aurore Brard