FysiekFabriek – working method and service design

Healthy minds at work, towards physical autonomy.

FysiekFabriek is a social design study, initiated by Aurore Brard and Lotte de Haan in collaboration with the organisation Fokus, their clients, caregivers and local makers. Their aim is to arrive at concrete solutions to specific daily life challenges encountered by people with physical disabilities (clients of Fokus). 

Design innovation in healthcare
Service design, working methods and co-creation

The design team facilitates a co-creative design process in which clients, care providers and local makers work together intensively. In this way unlocking the experience and knowledge of each participant. By closely involving the municipality in the process, they aim for a positive future impact on the institutional aid system. Aurore Brard and Lotte de Haan developed a working method and workshops to support the project process and facilitate the co-creation to scale up this service with Fokus.

Marieke and her service dog Bolan.

Marieke is part of 2020’s participants of FysiekFabriek, and became now one of FysiekFabriek ambasadors.

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This project is supported by Stimuleringsfunds Creative industry and AGIS innovatie funds.