Future-Proof Memories
Mapping Soothing Movements for Dementia Care.

During Dutch Design Week, we invited visitors to explore their experience of procedural memory. Procedural memory is the memory of movement. It stores repetitive and familiar movements to require less attention the next time we perform the same task. In this way, automatic movements can be soothing and relaxing, allowing the mind to drift away, focus, or relax.

Everyday activities such as washing dishes, peeling potatoes, or taking a walk can become surprisingly relaxing. This is also true for people with dementia, as their procedural memories tend to last longer than other types of memories.

Over the course of nine days, we asked visitors to sit down and write down what kind of movements or activities gave them this sensation.

“And what’s your future-proof moving memory?”

During these nine days, the visitors created a growing visual map of movements and activities that were soothing to them. We carefully kept all these insights with the idea of starting an archive of activities to inspire those who work with people living with dementia.

Are you interested in having a similar installation in your organization? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me.