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Visiting a Designers Playground

DDW 2022

22 -30 October
Kade CLubhuis

Visiting a Designers Playground

In Kade Clubhuis we play together! To get further, to mean something to others, to be able to keep playing now, but also in the future.

The Kade Clubhuis is a maker space with eight different design studios, young and old, beginning and more advanced. A place where we work on a better, more beautiful and more sustainable future for ourselves and for others. During the Dutch Design Week 2022 we present A Designers Playground. An interactive group exhibition where we provide insight into: where and how we play, but especially what the results are from playing.

The Kade Clubhuis members:
De Reuringdienst
Studio Sociaal Centraal
Studio Marleen van Bergeijk
Dion Visser
tienvier studio
Nojoke Studio
Aurore Brard

Collaboration with Vitalis

Skon expo of collaborations

22 October – 30 November
Vitalis Berckelhof

Collaboration with Vitalis

Ideas never come magically. It takes time and a process that involves the right people along the way, the most important being of course the users! For that reason, I have been collaborating with Vitalis Berkelhof, a senior residence close to my studio. We have been trying out different activity setups to explore Moving Memories with the residents, the day visitors, and the caregivers. Our goal was to discover what kinds of activities fit different groups, as well as get an idea of how other activities take place.

Vitalis is setting up an exhibition of all the projects they welcomed for collaboration this year. Visit them between 22 October en 25 November to see beautiful pictures of the participants during our research.

Time-proof Moving Memories

Time-proof Moving Memories

DDW 2022

22 – 30 October

And you, what is your time-proof moving memory?

Have you ever been daydreaming while folding socks or finally relaxing after a long day while peeling potatoes?

Habits and functional routines turn into relaxing rituals, because of their familiarity. While dementia can erase memories, the memory of movement stays longer.
These routines can procure comfort and relaxation while stimulating the senses.

This year for DDW we propose you join us and explore what your time-proof moving memory is.

Come along to try the intriguing objects of the collection Moving Memories. You are welcome to touch, hear, feel and share!


Embassy of Inclusive Society conference DDW 2022

Embassy of Inclusive Society conference


27 October
14:00 – 16:00
Van Abbemuseum

Inclusivity, as a collective process of learning and unlearning

On Thursday the 27th, I will take part in the Embassy of Inclusive Society conference and share about Fokus FysiekFabriek.

I will talk about the accessibility and agency of different target groups to create their own tools. But also about the collaborative process with Fokus, the mutual learning trajectory and the route to embed this process into the organisation, the challenges and insights that we encountered.